The surgery: its cost

Since it is considered elective surgery, LASIK surgery can be extremely expensive and, moreover, the cost is never the same and has not been universally established. In fact, the cost of this surgical procedure can vary depending on several factors. One variable is the surgeon: a renowned specialist with lots of experience and training will charge a fee directly proportionate to his/her expertise, often making LASIK surgery unaffordable for most people.

A second variable is the equipment. Since it is a high-precision instrument, it must be of the latest generation and undergo constant maintenance. A surgeon using older equipment will offer a lower and more affordable price, but with potentially higher risks.
In addition, the laser itself can weigh down the cost. Some lasers are more expensive than others, and this may also affect the cost of the operation.

Undoubtedly, to achieve a good outcome – and above all an outcome that guarantees the total absence of risk or pain – it is necessary to choose a competent surgeon with excellent training and cutting-edge tools. Equally important, being well-informed is vital for such a decision, which must be made with due consideration and a clear objective.
The general advice is to rely on large specialised and reputable medical centres. Be wary of exceedingly low prices because they invariably reflect treatments that are far from state-of-the-art.

Generally the cost of a LASIK procedure varies by country and by surgery technology. Here is a list of the approximate cost for LASIK surgery in the main European countries in 2011:

- Belgium: from € 1.250 to € 2.200 per eye
- Germany: from € 1.300 to € 2.500 per eye
- Ireland: from € 1,000 to € 2.200 per eye
- Italy: from € 1.700 to € 2.500 per eye
- France: from € 1.200 to € 2.000 per eye
- Poland: from € 580 to € 1.000 per eye
- Portugal: from € 700 to € 1.800 per eye
- United Kingodm: from £ 1,000 to £ 2,500 per eye